Travelling in London - I meet the best london black cabbies!


If you have traveled a long way from a taxi to rhs chelsea flower show to inner London your body will certainly feel tired and you would be looking out for some good airport hotel where you can rest and spend your tour or vacation in comfort. Now the best way to get accommodated is to find the nearest airport hotel.

Are you travelling from the U.S. or Canada? You might like to know that as a non-European citizen you are entitled to free or reduce-cost for emergency medical treatment at hospitals in Italy.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted at several decibels louder than a gaggle of about thirty hungry-for-new-blood london taxi, "I'm walking and I DO NOT need a taxi!". I stormed outside into the oppressive sun and began marching down the highway leaving a melee of confused men in my wake.

Keep always handy a list of telephone numbers you can contact in case of emergency - preferably your contacts should speak English as well as Italian.

However, as I kept on thinking about it, there is one simple common denominator that makes jobs noble. This is only based on my observation and is pretty much just to try and make it as simple as possible. A noble job depends on the people themselves. It is the intention coupled with the manner it was performed. It must go hand in hand. The intentions must be for good and while performing the job, there should be no stepping on another person (metaphorically) or taking advantage of anyone in any way.

Of course you are going to want to buy souvenirs for your friends and family and keepsakes to remember your trip, but don't over-do it. Not only can you easily blow your budget, but you may end up with a suitcase that won't close. Make a list of people you want to buy something for and buy one item each. Instead of buying every piece of hand-made artisanry you see, take pictures to remember them and share with friends and family. Save your money and buy things you will really need such as toiletries and supplies for your project.

London airport is situated nearly 16km away from the city. It is the other most important airport compared to london Heathrow, london Gatwick and london stansted. London airport is the base on which most of the flights take halt. Passengers can even shop at the airport, as there are many branded shops available in this airport. So, if your flight halts in london airport then take the advantage of shopping.

So in this way you can save your money and time also. Moreover, the cab drivers are very much aware of every road or street of London and it is only possible for them due to the extensive driving training during their learning period. When you ride a taxi in London, you will observe that all taxis are driving through the bus lane of the motorway, so you can reach your destination on time. Generally, the car lane of the motorway is congested during all the day. So you have a time in your hands, then you can drive through it.

I should have taken my eyes off the pastries, but I couldn't. A morning break with coffee and pastry; followed by an afternoon break with wine and pastry; and, of course, pastry for dessert at dinner - I carried memories of those pastries home on my hips.

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